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Deconstructed Sushi Bowl

This is too embarrassing to actually be called a recipe but here goes!

Have you ever tried to make sushi at home because, um who doesn't like sushi? But then you take out the bamboo mat thingy, line it with a bunch of cling wrap, and all the rice gets stuck to your fingers, then the seaweed goes soggy and the whole thing just gets fucking annoying. And then you order sushi takeout. Try this deconstructed bowl for a sushi hit with no fuss. My bowl here is looking a bit pale because I can't eat raw veggies without peeling the skin due to my weakened immune system at the moment, so i had to peel all the cucumbers. I also felt like just veg and egg. If you're feeling it, you could add some crab meat for a California roll vibe, or maybe even baby shrimp/baby octopus. This could be served for kids too with less sauce or skip the sauce completely.


  1. Scoop however much cooked rice you want into a bowl.

  2. Dice half an avocado and half a cucumber per bowl and scatter over the rice.

  3. Scramble one egg per bowl and cut into thin strips, scatter over the veggies.

  4. Drizzle over the sauce, which consists of 2 tbsp soy sauce (i use the low sodium kind), 1.5 tbsp brown sugar, 1.5 tbsp rice vinegar or regular white vinegar. This is the ratio i used but how much sauce you use depends on how much rice, so taste and adjust accordingly.

  5. Sprinkle seaweed rice seasoning on top generously. If you can't get this seasoning, cut up seaweed strips (crucial to the taste!) and add sesame seeds.

On a side note, after this meal i'm back to eating a lot of protein as my next chemo session is in 3 more days. I miss eating a clean diet low in meat, but all my doctors, nurses and support groups have encouraged me to eat a diet high in meat, especially on the days prior to and following chemo infusion to help cells repair quickly. I look forward to the day that all my treatments are over and i can resume the diet that makes me feel my best. But one thing I've learned lately is that being stubborn on sticking to an identity that you've created for yourself may not be a good thing. I only eat vegan, vegetarian, organic, keto, quite often an identity that we're proud of because of all the research and discipline we've put in towards an effort of being healthy, which is the cool thing to do nowadays. Being super disciplined is inspiring, but not always the best thing for you. I've realized that being fluid and adaptable to your body's needs is also super commendable and not easy to do. At my breast cancer support group i've witnessed women who went from eating super clean to, well, not, because cutting meat during chemotherapy increases the mortality rate due to a variety reasons mainly stemming from lowered red and white blood cells. Those who never eat sugar, now sometimes reward themselves with ice cream after each chemo session because making yourself happy every day is a key ingredient for living a long life. Some women who exercise regularly, stop entirely for the whole period of radiotherapy, because sweating during this treatment may cause rashes or even make your skin tear. Listening to your body and your doctors is actually hard in this day and age where we think we know everything from the internet. But please do. Trust your instincts, your body, but also be knowledgeable on the science behind everything.

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